Roswell, New Mexico

When I was planning out our stops on this road trip, I knew we needed to stop somewhere between Dallas and Phoenix. When I looked for a mid-point on the map, I zeroed in on my bullseye right away: Roswell, New Mexico. It was almost exactly halfway, on the way, and my man loves him some aliens. Here’s a fun fact we didn’t know until we got there: Area 51 isn’t in Roswell. In fact, it’s not even in New Mexico. That should save all you extraterrestrial enthusiasts out there a vacation. So why does everyone associate Roswell with aliens? Probably because everything in the damn town is alien themed.

I feel pretty comfortable skipping over the trip from Dallas to Roswell. As a result of our car trouble, we left Frisco  just before sundown. But rest assured that even if it were light out, there would be nothing to see. I think this picture sums up the seven hours we spent in the car pretty well:


As Trev pointed out, their reflector game was on point.

So here’s what was interesting about our quick overnight stop: the “real” Area 51 story, dogs in a hotel, and donuts. I’ll start with the real story. In 1947, a government weather balloon (or a nuclear testing surveillance craft or a UFO depending on who you ask) crash landed on a farm outside Roswell. The actual impact was in Corona, NM, about 45 miles away from Roswell. If you ever drive out this way, it’s not at all surprising that there would be nuclear testing surveillance going on. The government pretty much used the New Mexico desert as a nuclear petri dish. We actually drove through other testing sites on the drive from Roswell to Phoenix. In any case, Roswell was the closest large community, so that’s where the incident was reported. Since then, stories and conspiracy theories surrounding the incident have multiplied. Of course, there is no way to know what really happened, which is what makes the whole area kind of spooky and fun. Unfortunately, there’s not much to actually see in Roswell besides some kitschy restaurants and museums. And Andrew’s Donuts, which you should definitely visit if you’re ever there. It looked seriously creeptastic but holy delicious donuts, Batman.

The other fun thing about this stop was it was our first time staying at a dog-friendly hotel. It was our only hotel stay of the trip because we booked most of our other stays through airbnb. We stayed at a La Quinta in Roswell, with no issues at all. It was a nice room and they had no problem hosting our two lovable fur-faces. I think the dogs were a little confused why we were all in one room together the whole time, but it was bigger than the car, right? The whole experience was a fun little departure. We set off the next morning for Phoenix, donuts in hand.


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