Skipping Stones: Trev Goes Home, Part 2

Welcome back to another Trev edition of Atlantic Roots, Pacific Hearts! Today we continue my adventure back home. I always knew missing my family and friends would be the hardest part of leaving, and I can’t put into words how awesome it was to see them again. After leaving Mike’s house in Holliston, I drove by my house in Shrewsbury, which is currently being rented out by a lovely couple. Unfortunately, the tenants were both sick so I didn’t get a chance to visit, but I warned them I would be creepily driving by real slow. Things were so goddamn crazy before we left Massachusetts. Michelle and I had to empty our entire house, full of six years worth of junk. We got hammered by endless snow storms and I was pretty much useless to help because I’d had shoulder surgery a few days after the Patriots won the Super Bowl. In the midst of all of this, we never got a good chance to say goodbye to our neighbors, which always bummed me out. I wanted to remedy that, so since I couldn’t get into my own house, I stopped by a few neighbors’ houses. 

I met up with my friends at 2Ovens in Shrewsbury for some good ol’ local pizza. As I drove around Shrewsbury, it started to feel more and more like I never left. When I arrived, I found Mike, Josh, and Marshall at a table hanging out. Maybe they do this without me now, as a way to honor my memory. We ordered some drinks and food when the one-and-only Peter Tuffs arrived. He was just days away from welcoming his son, Jack, into the world and I was so grateful he could make it. We all caught up and had a killer time. I have watched many friends move away over the years, always looking forward to their visits home, to catch up. It was odd, yet satisfying, to be the returning friend for once. After a dessert of chocolate chip cookies, I went to Shaw’s with Marshall, (Oh, Shaw’s, I missed you). We got some snacks and whatnot for a wild night of watching terrible movies on Netflix. We made some drinks, popped open some Cheetos, and watched Anacondas: The Hunt for the Blood Orchid and Shanknado 2. I really regret not watching Zombeavers. Marshall’s awesome* girlfriend, B, was complaining we messed up her queue, which she shares with her family, but I think we all know we enhanced it.

I returned to Holliston for a classic lunch the next day: Table Top pizza and a frappe from Central Cafe. Holy hellballs, that frappe was amazing! They sure don’t make them like that in Oahu. Then I took a trip down to Gillette Stadium to get some Pats gear. I sent pictures to my buddies back in Hawaii who are giant Patriots fans but have never been anywhere near Gillette. They thought it was the coolest thing that I lived a half hour from the stadium and had been there so many times.

Then I was headed to Boston to meet my long lost lover, Chris Stickney, and my old buddy, Jen Taylor, for drinks. I made it all the way to South Station without getting lost and I was so happy because every time I drive in Boston, I take one wrong turn and end up adding an hour to my drive (because Boston is the worst for driving). Chris saw me as I was turning right, and asked, “Did you just get back on 93?” To which I respond, “I SURE DID!!!” So there goes my perfect drive into Boston. Twenty minutes later I was in a garage, paying an asinine parking fee. It was awesome having a few drinks before Chris had to leave for the night. It turned into a night of high school reunions when Jen Taylor and I were joined by Kristen, another friend from high school. We got dinner and we went to a rooftop bar that did NOT ALLOW HATS. Places like this can take a trip straight to hell.

The main reason I was in Boston was to pick up my buddy Tyler from Logan. He was supposed to land at 6:30 pm but was stranded on the runway in North Carolina for about three hours. I called my buddy Jared, who just left Boston to go to Plymouth for his wedding, which was in three days. He said we could stay at his apartment which has a concierge, fancy bastard. I was headed toward Jared’s place when I remembered another friend from High School, Kate, works across the street from Jared’s building. I texted her and was glad to see she was working. I ended up hanging out there from about midnight until Tyler finally made an appearance around 3:30 am. It was great catching up with Kate, hearing about her wedding and how well she is doing. I hadn’t seen her in a few years and now I realize how much I missed her. What was supposed to be a short trip into Boston became a 19-hour marathon.

Next up was the main event, the reason for my trip: one of my oldest friends was getting married. Jared and Alex had an amazing wedding ceremony in Plymouth. Or as my friends in Hawaii know it: “Wait. Isn’t that where Plymouth Rock is??” Jared and Alex rented an insanely beautiful house on Long Pond in Plymouth. There were about a thousand rooms and I think at least 60,349 people have died there. I got to sleep in the basement with Josh, Heger, and Gerard like it was 2003 all over again. The three days in Plymouth were some of the most fun and memorable I have had in a while. We spent every day floating in the lake playing catch, paddle boarding, boating, eating, drinking, and just being together. It was excellent. One of my favorite memories of the entire trip is floating in the middle of the lake with Josh and Tyler in the middle of an absolute downpour. I think we spent more time in the water than on the land. It felt so good to be with my friends again. We may not talk as often as we used to or see each other every day, but no matter how much time passes when we get together, nothing has changed. I will always value their friendships more than anything. I’d kill or be killed for these boys.

I was so happy watching Jared get married. He walked down the aisle with his parents and his dog and was so happy to marry his best friend. It was a beautiful wedding for two amazing people. They had a great reception at the Rye Tavern. The whole night just fit them perfectly. I had been so excited for the wedding the whole trip. I wanted to be with all my friends and I knew that once the wedding ended I was heading back to the airport, traveling 5,000  miles away from everyone I love, back to my new home. It was hard saying goodbye to my friends; part of me felt like I was just going back to Shrewsbury. A part of me knew I was leaving them all behind and had no idea when I would see them again, though. It sucks but it’s what I signed up for. Now they need to come visit me. Come one guys, I came back once already. It’s way more fun here, I promise.

I have always loved being around friends and hated goodbyes. I still miss all my friends and family but I have never been as satisfied as I am right now living in Hawaii. I love our apartment and its amazing views, I love my job, and I love going paddle boarding after work or going to the beach at any time. Everywhere I go is insanely beautiful and I have made new friends that I really like. It has been amazing to experience all the different cultures and people that make up Hawaii. While I will always hold on to my memories and the people I grew up with, I know life continually moves forward and I want to be there, moving with it. Part of the reason I wanted to move to Hawaii is because I don’t want to spend my entire life in the same place, doing the exact same thing every day and never truly experience life. It’s scary and risky to pack up and leave, but the rewards are unimaginable. Even if this had failed, I’d sleep well knowing I took a chance at actually living my life instead of just watching it pass by.

Experience your life. Take chances and be the person you want to be, no matter where you go. You don’t have to settle.

Skipping Stones by The Forecast

You know that I’m leaving before this city eats me up
Cause I’m tired of living in the same town where we grew up

So if you want to go on the run, girl
Then let’s pack up our bags tonight
We can hit the first daylight by sunrise
And then pick up ways to begin again

I wish it was that easy
But I’d be leaving my family, my job at the factory
And all my friends would forget me

But if you want to go on the run, girl
Then let’s pack up our bags tonight
Cause the sooner we leave, I will be set free
From the curse this place set one me

It’s on the western skyline where we will start our new life


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