Best of the Blog 2015

I can hardly believe it’s already Christmas! Christmas means the end of the year, which means it’s time to look back on the lifespan of this little blog. I’ll bring you the full Christmas update after the new year, but this week I’ve pulled together my three most-viewed blog posts. Just for fun, I’ve also added three favorites of my own. I don’t think there are words big enough to explain all the change I’ve experienced in 2015. So, as any reasonable person would, I look to the wise words of the Fresh Prince: my life got flip-turned upside-down.

So I’d like to take a minute, just sit right there. I’ll tell you how I learned to live my life from a beach chair.

Your Top Three:

On Finding Your Bliss (and That Trip We Took)
This was my first post on AHPR. Looking back, I see so many things I would change in this post, but it was the beginning of something important. I put off starting the blog for a long time because of the work and emotional investment involved. This was my first step toward documenting a life change I never want to forget.

When Dogs Fly
This post was harder for me to write than  you may think. I was afraid to get angry comments from judgmental people who think flying animals as cargo is dangerous and wrong. Lucky for me, you’re all lovely, intelligent, and understanding people. I got a lot of great feedback on this one and I’m so glad I wrote it.

Leaving Home
This was a really emotional and crazy time. Leaving home after over 30 (!) years was unbelievably hard, but also exciting. I wouldn’t trade the experiences I’ve had since then for anything. This is where it all began.


My Top Three:

What It’s Really Like To Move Far, Far Away From Home
This was actually your fourth place pick, just missing the Top Three by seven views. This post was far and away the most personal thing I’ve written on the blog. The words flowed out of me as if possessed, but it was unbelievably difficult to hit that ‘post’ button. It was therapeutic to take these feelings public, but no one likes feeling exposed or judged. Lucky for me, you had a beautiful response and I am eternally grateful for your many kind words.

Big Sur by Way of Carmel Valley
Big Sur was my favorite stop(s) on this trip for so many reasons. I will always remember these two days as the time I realized my life was changing forever. The pictures in this one aren’t tough on the eyes either.

Working for More Than a Paycheck
I will always feel a deep connection to my first job at the Hawaiian Humane Society and my foray into non-profit. This one contains a lot of great memories and bright, shiny hope.




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